Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Time spent on Facebook could be.....

- A cup of coffee and a read.
- A twenty minute run.
- Praying.
- Bringing the washing in from the line  - smelling of spring.
- Reading a story to my kids.
- Making a cake.
- Reading a Psalm.
- Writing a note to a friend to send snail mail.
- A phone call.
- Making something for my girls.
- Building a train set for my boy.
- Making at least 2 meals.
- Knitting.
- Reflecting on and praising God for the good things He has given me.

I'm not a Facebook hater. In fact I do use it a lot to communicate with people - I'm sure it enhances my life. But the majority of my time on it is not in direct conversation with others, or even posting about myself - but purely in reading statuses and articles that others have placed up there. Some of these are great  - others less so (I mean, cats are cute, but when you watch several videos a week of cute pets....something is wrong!) 2.5 hours a week is a conservative estimate of how long I spend on this website every week. I want my life to be lived in relationship with others - not just observing them and reading stuff they read! God doesn't just observe us - He wants to know us and love us and transform us. I want my relationships with others to mirror this. So I'm going to pray that I can reduce my time reading articles and increase my time actually talking to other people and appreciating them and therefore life more!


  1. I quite agree....however if u go on facebook at 2am like me....then it's probs not a great time to ring ppl for a chat!! :-) but ur definetly right about how that time cld be spent praying, communicating with ppl etc. Making meaningful connections rather than passively observing what others want to publish about can feel like you've connected/communicated with them...except they don't know that you have!! Virtual friendships!......I look forward to getting a letter in the post soon ;-) em xxx

  2. I am absolutely sure that this looks different for different people - I just know what my mind is like! Sometimes I've ended going to bed miles after Ben and being really grumpy with everyone in the morning because I've been reading and watching stuff until early hours! x