Sunday, 27 June 2010

How to look good naked.....

It seems to me as if most of life is about how to look good. Gok Wan's Channel 4 show gives advice to women who lack self confidence on how to look good, both in, and out of clothes. While most women I know care very much about how they look, dressed and undressed (whatever they may say!!) - I can't help thinking that this infatuation with how we look isn't limited to clothes and skin, but we're also obsessed with how our characters are perceived by others.
I know myself that much of what I say and do is done not with altruism or kindness, but rather with one eye on what others will think about me as a result. If I'm honest, then I even sometimes lie to pretend I'm better than I am. For some, this might seem sensible.....well, who does it hurt anyway? The problem is in my trying to look good......others inevitably are hurt in my self seeking actions.

And what does all this gain? When I'm really thinking sensibly and remembering that God sees everything, even my heart and thoughts, then I realise that actually this is incredibly stupid!

While the opinion of others on the type of person I am seems important in this world, it is actually only God's opinion of me that really counts, in the long term. And he knows the real me........the type of person I really am.......the person I try to hide from the world. So when the facade is pulled away and I stand naked before God I don't know who I am trying to deceive.....others, myself.....God?

And the problem is, that unlike Gok, I cannot make myself any better! Gok uses remarkable underwear and flattering clothes to make his proteges look glam. The problem with my nakedness before God is that I cannot change how I look......for no matter how hard I try, I cannot stop caring about what others think and my thoughts and actions continue to be selfish.

The amazing news is that Jesus says that if we belong to him then God looks at him and not me. So God does not see my selfish, ugly naked heart, but he sees Jesus' perfect one! I want my life to reflect this grace.......I want to care what others think about Jesus, not about me. When the chips are down I want to be honest with others about the state of my heart, because it does no good pretending we're good.....the only way to really be good is to realise that I'm not and that the only way I ever will be, eventually in heaven, is through Jesus.

I'm looking forward to that day, when I'll only care about what Jesus thinks about me.....when I won't be obsessed with what others think........when I'll finally look good naked......both inside and out - and it will all be because of Jesus!